Week 4 Diary Entree

Phew, finally finished the book. It was so hard holding back the temptation each week to read the whole thing at once. I loved the book and I loved the ending. ‘A good ending makes a good book’. I love books that have a sentence at the end that truly captures and inspires you. This one was ‘This is my new starting line’. If you haven’t read the book you might think that this means all the events in the book are pointless because she said she’s starting again but every bit of the book was important because it shaped the amazing and courageous girl that Jessica is now. It was really different to read Jessica’s tragic but fulfilling story because she is someone that’s up and about every single day purely to make a difference.

I can’t believe that Jessica was brave enough to run 10km pushing Rosa in her wheelchair. It amazed me that the cause for this was all because she wanted people to see Rosa and not her disability, just like she had when she first became friends with Rosa. Jessica depicts a true friend. She stuck up for Rosa and promoted her as a friend. Jessica is really gifted. Not only is she a good runner but she displays courage, perseverance, kindness and compassion all throughout the book.

I wish the author would make a sequel to this because it would be so exiting to find out what happens next in Jessica’s life. I wish Jessica luck in the future and I hope she has keeps running and keeps on being the amazing and inspirational person that she has become.


  1. Wow, what a moving reflection, Harriet. I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog each week. Your reflections have been incredibly insightful. Fabulous work!!!!

  2. I agree with you completely a good ending makes a good book. Great work!

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