Diary Entree: Week 3

Now that we are three quarters of the way through reading ‘The Running Dream’ I am really anxious to find out what happens next. Jessica is a really inspirational girl and she makes me want to get up and do more things because I have what she doesn’t and she’s the one that is doing more for everyone than me. She shows the people around her that life may be hard for her but she can pull through it. You can imagine how much her community admires her for her willingness to help herself and help others like her, like Rosa.

I’m loving the character of Rosa at the moment because she thinks from the heart and you know that anything that comes out of her mouth comes from the true her and what she says isn’t effected by others opinions, though I’m starting to think that she has a heart of steel and doesn’t even get intimidated by anyone. It’s great that her and Jessica are friends because they have similar problems and can both help each other.

I wonder if Jessica will ever race against her rival, Vanessa again. I’m thinking that she will and if she does she will definitely beat her because Jessica has the willpower to succeed in anything. Jessica is now a new person. She has a whole new perspective of life because she has looked at it from another point of view and she has experienced what it’s like to be missing a body part. All her emotions have developed into an understanding of peoples differences and because of this she can now see Rosa for who she really is.


  1. This is a really in-depth reflection, Harriet. Like you, Rosa was one of my favourtie characters and I think she has helped Jessica realise that despite how bad her own situation is, life could be work. You have written some great posts throughout lit circles and it has been a pleasure visiting your blog each week.

  2. Great reflection. Sounds like a really great and inspiring book.

  3. You’re diary entrees are very descriptive and really make me want to read the book 🙂

  4. Your*

  5. Very descriptive sounds like your enjoying the book

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