Week 3: The Summariser ‘The Running Dream’

  1. Vanessa blames Jessica for her tripping over the hurdle and says Jessica was a distraction to her even though she was just cheering on her own team.

  2. Jessica gets her new pipe leg.

  3. Jessica holds up a sign saying ‘HELP JESSICA RUN’ at a fundraiser event. This scene is the one where Gavin takes a photo of her to put in the local newspaper, Gavin also attaches an article about Jessica with this.

  4. Rosa meets sherlock and Jessica and her talk about why Jessica likes running.

  5. Jessica as well her family and friends are interviewed for a TV show.

  6. Fiona wins the 800m race and Jessica accidentally hugs Gavin because she is so excited.

  7. Jessica finds out that before she had lost her leg her family had some financial problems and she thinks now that her family are really struggling to pay their bills it’s her fault.. but it isn’t.

  8. Gavin and Fiona go with Jessica while she has her checkup at Hanks. On the way back they drop Jessica off at her house and drive off together.


  1. this is a very good summary keep up the good work

  2. Great work, Harriet.

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