Week 2: Connector ‘The Running Dream’.


Jessica (main character) reminds me of my brother because he has 2-3 fingers that have been chopped off (accidentally of course) by a mower. I know that he doesn’t really like it when people bring up the fact that he’s got different hands to everyone else and that relates to how Jessica’s feeling because she is terribly self-conscious about the way she looks after she has lost her leg.

I myself relate to Jessica because I like running and being active because it makes me feel good with the wind blowing through my face. Her friends are like my friends, very supportive. I relate to her friends and family too because if anyone I knew was in any kind of situation like hers I’d love to help get their life back on track again.

I’ve read heaps of other books like this one and I’ve loved them. They always seem to have some kind of a happy ending. e.g I read a book about a girl who stopped running because her dad and her used to go for runs in the morning and one day ..christmas day to be exact.. she didn’t go with him and he had a heart attack while running. She blamed herself for not going with him, she thought that she could have saved him. In the end though she went back to running because she found that it took her mind off her dad’s death for a while and she knew that he would be disappointed if she didn’t continue with her running career. She was like ‘Speedy Gonzales’ but alot faster.

I’ve also noticed a connection with Jessica and alot of other runners. Most runners say that the best feeling you get is when you run because you feel free and your cheeks get flushed from the wind…. awesome feeling.



  1. Wow Harriet! That is awesome! You are such a good writer and it sounds like your book is really good! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. I didn’t know you were capable of saying anything nice to me! 🙂

  3. Harriet good job i like the way that you have related it to the running dream its a bit different 🙂

  4. this is a great connector i think it sounds really cool.

  5. well done Harriet they were good connections

  6. Well done Harriet this is a very creative connection, It was so interesting and you came up with so many connection. Fantastic effort 🙂

  7. Harriet, this is one of the best connector activities I have ever read! Your poor brother. Is he older or younger than you? I know a boy who lost 3 fingers after putting his hand in a meat mixer when he was 18 months old.

    • My brothers older but he’s really brave and he definitely does too much risk taking but most of the time he’s lucky and escapes without injury. It’s so sad that you know someone who was only 18 months old and lost 3 fingers because he would probably have been in heaps of pain. I hate it when kids are sad cause it makes me feel so much more empathy for them because they are so innocent and unaware.

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