Diary Entree: Week 1

After reading the first 84 pages of ‘The running dream’, I have concluded that it is a great book. My favourite character has to be the main character, Jessica. She is the one telling the story and you don’t hear the other characters thoughts or emotions. I admire her willpower and strength to overcome the disability of not having a leg. (e.g. When she climbs up the stairs on her bottom instead of just winging about how hard it is without a leg.)

I’ve read other books like this one about people who have stopped doing something they love (e.g. running) because some emotional or physical disability has gotten in the way and they always seem to get back on their feet and start their life back up again. That’s why I think in the future Jessica will get her friends back, knowing now that they really do care for her because they have stuck by her side and then she will begin running again.

I am loving all of the book so far but the part that really stands out for me is just near the beginning when Jessica is reliving the last time she ran and how when she was running around the track she felt so free with the wind blowing through her hair and the beautiful scenery racing past her. I could then picture how much she loved running and how much she missed it. When I was reading that bit I felt like her thoughts were pounding in my skull and I could feel all her emotions. I guess that all comes back to the fact that I relate to her in this scene because I love the feel of the fresh air and the wind blowing in my face when I’m running because it makes me feel so free and powerful too.


  1. Goodness, Harriet. Your work this week has been impressive! This is a wonderful reflection and if you continue with this high standard I can’t wait to see your blog develop. By the way, love the theme you’ve chosen for your blog. It is clean and elegant. Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. I love how much detail you went into Harriet!

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